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Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants

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Ants Around Massachusetts

Ants in Your Pantry

And Everywhere Else, Inside & Out

(Ants)are a diverse group of more than 12,000 species, with a higher diversity in the tropics. They are known for their highly organized colonies and nests, which sometimes consist of millions of individuals. Individuals are divided into sub-fertile, and more commonly sterile, females ("workers", "soldiers", and other castes), fertile males ("drones"), and fertile females ("queens"). Colonies can occupy and use a wide area of land to support themselves. Ant colonies are sometimes described as superorganisms because the colony appears to operate as a unified entity.
Source: Wikipedia - Ant

While ants aren't known for harboring diseases, they still create problems because they can bite, sting, infest stored food and damage your home. When you call me for ant control you deal only with me and you can take advantage of my 35 years of pest control experience.

You can bet I've seen every type of ant there is in this part of New England and I know how to get them under control and keep them in their place. I offer my customers personal service, because I am the only one that comes to their homes, and I offer advice every step of the way.

With my Quarterly Residential Pest Management Service, my customers have the benefit of my pest expertise all year round.

The best choice for controlling ants and other pests that are bugging you in the North Shore, Essex county and selected North Boston Metro areas, is Dura Tech!

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Ants in Our Area

Common Ants Around Northeastern Massachusetts

Of the more than 12,000 species of ants in the world, the following list includes those ant species more commonly found around northeastern parts of Massachusetts in the Greater Boston area:

  • Acrobat ants

  • Carpenter ants

  • Little black ants

  • Odorous house ants

  • Pavement ants

  • Pharaoh ants

Dura Tech provides control measures for all of these types of ants and all of them are specifically included in my Quarterly Residential Pest Management Service program.

Like other pests, Dura Tech uses Integrated Pest Management(IPM) techniques, products and equipment for the control of ants, for the safe protection of your family and home.

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Ant Prevention Tips

What You Can Do Around Your House

Here are a few ant prevention tips, both from the National Pest Management Association and from my first-hand experience with ants:

  • Eliminate standing water. Pests, such as ants, are attracted to moisture.

  • Keep tree branches and other plants cut back from the house. Sometimes pests use these branches to get into your home.

  • Make sure that there are no cracks or little openings around your house. Sometimes pests use these to get into your home.

  • Make sure that firewood and building materials are not stored next to your home. Pests like to build nests in stacks of wood.

  • Reduce the overall amount and volume of garden mulch you use around your home.

  • Replace rotted landscape ties.

  • Repair plumbing and roof leaks as soon as they are discovered and make sure wall and ceiling cavities are thoroughly dry once repairs are completed.

  • Using crushed stone around the foundation can deter ants and other pests from entering your home.

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Dura Tech's Quarterly Residential Pest Management service means you get greener, meaner pest control from the best in the business - all year round.

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NOTE: While most pest control services can be quoted FREE over the phone, there is a $40 service charge for an in-person inspection and estimate, which you get back if you hire me to do the work. All termite problems require an in-person inspection. Dura Tech does not conduct wood destroying insect inspections as required by HUD, VA and conventional lenders for the transfer or sale of real estate.