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Advance Termite Bait System Cartridge

Advance™ Termite
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Advance™ Termite Systems Used by Dura Tech

Advance™ Termite Bait System from Whitmire Micro-Gen

Safe & Effective Termite Control

Dura Tech uses the Advance™ Termite Bait System from Whitmire Micro-Gen. This baiting system may be used in conjunction with local application of termiticide in already infested wood, or it may be used completely without termiticides.

Advance™ Bait Station Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly, safe for humans and pets, and no chemicals runoff into nearby bodies of water or into drinking wells

  • Efficiently eliminates the entire colony using termites’ own feeding and grooming habits

  • Non-invasive and involve an absolute minimum of inconvenience to the homeowner and usually no permanent damage to property

  • Actual chemical bait is not used unless and until termites are actually present

  • Provides a long-term means of monitoring the property for reinfestation

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Step 1: Digging the Hole

The initial step involves drilling one-foot deep holes in the ground.

These holes are used to insert the termite bait stations around the periphery of the structure approximately every 10 feet.



Step 2: Lowering the bait station into the ground


Once the proper sized hole is ready, the bait station is lowered into the hole.





Step 3: Securing the bait station

The cap is then locked onto the bait station and the top of the bait station is adjusted as needed to make it nearly flush with the ground.

The soil or landscaping around the bait station is smoothed over.

Step 4: Installing satellite stations

In areas where a proper sized hole cannot be prepared for a full bait station (for example, in a septic leach field), satellite monitoring stations may be used. Satellite stations can be installed using a small sledge hammer. They include an anchoring stake that is driven through the middle of the station.

Satellite stations are not designed to carry bait.

They contain only an attractant disk made of cellulose materials and are completely non-toxic. Once they are in place, the lid is snapped closed so they blend in with their surroundings.


Step 5: The final walk around and clean up

Once all stations are in place, I perform a final walk around to make sure everything is just right and to pick up any debris or tools, and smooth any mounds left from the installation process.

Each bait station and satellite is given a number and the location of each is marked on your property diagram. The numbered diagram allows for reference to specific locations during future inspections and, because they blend in so well, helps locate them in the future for servicing.

The End Result

The end result is an inconspicuous and safe system for monitoring and eliminating subterranean termite colonies.