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Termite Bait Systems

About Termite Bait Systems

A Greener Alternative to Liquid Termiticides

In recent years, termite baiting systems have evolved as an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid termiticides for controlling subterranean termites. Instead of attempting to protect a structure by creating a barrier between it and the termites, baiting targets the termites themselves.

“Termite baits are far less toxic than most liquid termiticides, an advantage to chemically concerned homeowners. Further, the total amount of pesticide applied in baits is minute compared to the hundreds of gallons of termiticide needed to treat a house in a thorough and effective manner. Termite baits "target" the pest species with little or no chance of impact on groundwater, wildlife or the environment. The risk of contamination of wells, heat ducts, drainage systems, etc. is negligible and baits can be used in the most sensitive treatment situations.”

Advantages of Termite Barriers and Baits
Entomology Department, Iowa State University

Because of the way they work, termite baiting systems need time to eliminate the colony. In cases of active infestation of a structure, it may be necessary to spot treat affected wood areas with an appropriate insecticide, such as a borate, which can be sprayed on unpainted wood surfaces or foamed into wall voids in conjunction with the use of a termite baiting system.

Treating termites in this manner helps stop the damage that's being done to your home while the baiting system has the necessary time it needs to take out the entire colony.

How Termite Bait Systems Work

Not all termite bait systems work the same. Termite bait products can be divided into two main groups: stomach poisons and insect growth regulators.

Stomach Poisons

Stomach poisons use compounds such as hydramethylnon and sulfluramid.

  • With stomach poisons, termites eat the poison, then may or may not pass it on to others.

  • Those termites exposed to the stomach poison die.

  • Although stomach poisons differ, they generally work by destroying or impeding the energy transfer within the insect.

  • Stomach poisons may not be as effectively transferred to the rest of the colony as insect growth regulators.

Insect Growth Regulators

Insect growth regulator compounds include diflubenzuron, hexaflumuron, and noviflumoron.

  • Insect growth regulators, like the diflubenzuron used in Advance bait systems installed by Dura Tech, are referred to scientifically as chitin synthesis inhibitor (CSI) compounds.

  • Chitin is responsible for the development and structural integrity of an insect’s outer covering (exoskeleton).

  • Without chitin, subterranean termites will die.

  • CSIs are slow-acting compounds that can be transferred to entire termite colonies.

About Diflubenzuron

Non-Toxic to Birds, Fish, Bees, and Earthworms

Diflubenzuron is registered for use in forestry and on ornamental and agricultural crops, including food crops. It is even registered as a “feed through” for livestock to control flies.

  • Diflubenzuron is non-toxic to birds, fish, bees, and earthworms.

  • It is non-soluble in water and will not leach or wash into surface or ground water.

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