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How Dura Tech's Comprehensive Termite Service Works

It all starts when you call (978) 465-6211 or 877-733-5046 for a comprehensive, onsite inspection of your home for termites.

This inspection includes examination of areas where termites are known to be a problem. I provide you with a diagram of the house that shows conducive conditions, and answer any questions you may have.

NOTE: While most pest control services can be quoted FREE over the phone, there is a $40 service charge for an in-person inspection and estimate, which you get back if you become a Dura Tech customer. Dura Tech does not conduct wood destroying insect inspections as required by HUD, VA and conventional lenders for the transfer or sale of real estate.

  • If termite control is warranted and desired, I provide a no-obligation, estimate of costs and explain in detail the measures that will be used to protect or rid your home of termites. This price INCLUDES the first year of inspection and monitoring. Everything is in writing and the guarantee is spelled out.

  • When you decide to go ahead with the work, I will ask you to provide me with any information you have on the location of irrigation lines, underground utilities, septic tanks, etc. Except for irrigation lines, these items should not pose a problem since building codes typically require that they be placed much lower than the 12 inch depth needed to install the bait stations. If there is any question about the location of utility lines, DIG SAFE can be contacted (for free) to mark the location of these items. I will note the location of any obstructions that are known to the homeowner. Massachusetts law allows you to cancel the signed contract within three days. Therefore, actual treatment services cannot start for at least four days from the date the contract is signed.

  • I will then probe potential areas in the ground where bait stations will be installed BEFORE digging. Even if no utilities or irrigation lines are present, tree roots and rocks can also require selecting alternate locations for bait stations.

  • Holes are then dug to install the bait stations around your property. Termite inspection cartridges are placed inside the bait stations if termites are not yet present. If termites are already present, active bait cartridges are inserted into the bait stations. If this entails a separate visit after locations have been probed and marked, THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. In areas where it is impossible to dig deep enough to install a full bait station, an alternate type of monitoring device, a satellite station that contains only a cellulose disc, is inserted into the ground with a wooden stake.

  • During the first year after the stations are installed, if termites were not active at the time the bait stations were installed, I return to inspect your property every three months to check for termite activity in the bait stations. If termites were discovered during my first inspection, the first two follow-up visits will occur within 45 day intervals, followed by quarterly inspections thereafter. The cost for these inspections is INCLUDED in your price.

    If termites are discovered inside the bait stations, I replace the attractant cartridge with the termite toxin. All toxic substances used remain underground, inside the bait station, and are not accessible to children or pets. The pesticide is delivered in tablet form, inside a plastic cartridge. Once termites are discovered, I monitor the stations more frequently. This stepped-up monitoring is also INCLUDED in your initial cost.

    You do not need to be home for any of these inspections. I will let you know when I have been out along with the results of my inspection.

  • When termites are no longer active in the bait stations, the bait cartridge is replaced with an inspection cartridge. The bait stations remain in the ground for continued safe termite monitoring.

  • Monitoring and inspection continue through an optional annual service agreement. This agreement includes a WRITTEN SERVICE WARRANTY that provides for inspection of the bait station components and monitoring of termite activity. Worn and/or depleted bait station components are replaced and spent termite baits are replaced as needed. ALL LABOR AND MATERIALS ARE FURNISHED THAT WILL PROVIDE THE MOST EFFICIENT PEST CONTROL THAT MEETS OR EXCEEDS MAXIMUM FEDERAL, STATE AND CITY SAFETY REGULATIONS.

Learn more about the termite bait systems used by Dura Tech and how they're installed

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Dura Tech Pest Control cannot provide quotes by telephone for termite control. Termite control services require a comprehensive inspection before a quote can be provided. There is a service fee of $40 for this inspection, which is fully credited back to you if you become a Dura Tech customer. NOTE: Dura Tech does not conduct wood destroying insect inspections as required by HUD, VA and conventional lenders for the transfer or sale of real estate.

Be sure your property is within my service area, then call me today at (978) 465-6211 or toll free at (877) 733-5046 to arrange a convenient day and time for a comprehensive termite inspection!

Residential pest control service is available during these days and times (all times are Eastern U.S.):

Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM

Phone messages left after these hours will be returned after 9:00 AM the next business day.